Enrollment forms completed by hand can contain missing or illegible information creating a delay in enrollment.
Our software allows secure web-based completion and submission of enrollment forms through ESignature.
This is the first step in speed to therapy.
Knowing whether a patient has insurance can become time consuming. Nexus has built an electronic eligibility check to verify whether patients are insured or not.
When patients aren't insured, determining what patient assistance programs are available takes time. Our software contains pre-eligibility screening of patients for assistance based on eligibility criteria and appropriate types of assistance to match the patient.

For example, Copay Assistance for commercially insured patients, patient assistance program (PAP) for uninsured or underinsured individuals, and assistance through charitable organizations for government insured individuals.
Many specialty drugs are subject to Prior Authorization requirements that slow down patient access to needed medications. Nexus Informatics' software technology has embedded facilitation of Prior Authorization.
Our software contains automated claims adjudication to determine real time whether the drug will be paid, whether payer restriction such as Prior Authorization exists and the patient's out of pocket cost.