Frequently Asked Questions

Nexus Informatics is a software technology solution company.
We offer an end-to-end software technology to integrate all components of patient support programs on a centralized platform.
No, Nexus Informatics is not a hub services provider and we do not currently operate a call center.
Our software technology allows users to streamline some of the call center functions through automation.
The software technology solution is intended to be a platform upon which components of patient support and patient access
– including hub services – all converge. The data from multiple programs can be seen by internal and external stakeholders with the appropriate security/permissions level.
Program vendors would access the software through a secure application program interface (API).
This ensures that data about all patient interactions and encounters are captured and housed in a central location.
Transitioning existing programs can occur either as a multi-step phased or a single-step approach.
Once patient support program vendors are using the Nexus Informatics ’software technology, our clients can easily transition from vendor to vendor because the data all resides within the software platform.
Nexus Informatics offers a pre-built software system that is completely configurable to meet our clients’ needs.
Since this software solution is available in a cloud based platform, its ability to scale the infrastructure is nearly limitless.
You own your data. We house, warehouse and analyze it specifically for our clients.
Nexus Informatics developed our software technology platform to challenge the existing marketplace paradigm and better meet the needs of pharmaceutical clients.
We believe in a software technology that streamlines speed to therapy and gives clients options for operating patient access and support programs.