Nexus Informatics’ software challenges the traditional patient access hub model.

The technology software component is separated from the call center function allowing clients better control of data.

software component
Technology Foundation


Our technology was developed from the ground-up using the latest Microsoft Technologies and cloud infrastructure. The technology stack uses MVC, Workflow, and entity framework technologies along with a robust API that allows us to create solutions to address all challenges in the patient access/patient support programs.

The use of metadata for configurability provides an adaptive architecture and maximum flexibility to incorporate program changes quickly while adhering to quality change control procedures.


We maintain a high-level of security for all confidential data without co-mingling of client data. Security is controlled by a "separation of concerns" principle. Guided by HIPAA regulations, all data is maintained securely at rest and encrypted on transport.



Every patient touch point or encounter is captured in the software platform providing analytics along the patient journey.

The ad-hoc querying capabilities alongside a robust reporting system provides quick analysis of data from multiple disparate sources.

    Our differentiators are:

  • End-to-end integrated solution
  • Speed of development
  • Scalability
  • Configurability
  • Cloud and on premise deployment options