features & benefits

With over 10 years of experience working with hub services, our team understands the software requirements needed for a successful patient access program. 

electronic benefit verification

Perform an electronic eligibility check to verify whether or not patients are insured

automated prior authorization

Fulfill prior authorization requirements through an automated process

configurable case management workflow

Develop a workflow configured to the needs and approval process of your specific drug

electronic signature

Collect HIPAA-compliant e-signatures to streamline the completion of forms

hcp portal

Complete intake forms through the portal to ensure accurate completion

sales portal

Monitor high-enrolling HCPs and oversee where they are in the process

Real-time analytics

View real-time data for insight into where process bottlenecks are occurring

turn-key solution

Immediately use our complete end-to-end solution  that can be easily implemented

transaction-based pricing

Pay a monthly recurring fee based on the number of patients in your program 

simple integration

Easily combine our hub software with your existing platforms or programs

quick setup

Go from zero infrastructure to program launch in a short amount of time

domain experience

Work with a team who has proven experience with the technical operations of hub services

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