Do you want to be a patient access service provider?

Specialty pharmacies: operate your own hub while using our pre-built software. By managing the process under your own roof, you can give your patients personalized, white-glove treatment and ensure they receive their specialty therapies.

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add new services to your portfolio

offer hub services to manufacturers in your network

Add hub provider to your portfolio of services and manage your own patient access program for a low-cost, monthly fee.

ensure timely distribution of medication to patients

Use our automation features to achieve your primary goal of delivering specialty drugs to the hands of your patients

Built-in features eliminate time delays and roadblocks

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The infrastructure you need to provide drug access services

scalability to meet changing needs 

Are you a specialty pharmacy who is working with more than one manufacturer? You can easily add new products and programs to your existing platform with our cloud-based and scalable system

Portal access for key stakeholders

Multiple stakeholders can view the appropriate (security
controlled) data to determine patient status and next
steps needed to ensure speed to therapy

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ensuring fda compliance

Implementing a risk evaluation mitigation strategy

Is a risk evaluation mitigation strategy (REMS) required for a product you are distributing? Our end-to-end REMS solution will assist in keeping records of your compliance of FDA safety requirements, all while ensuring you can continue your access to this medication. | 443.844.3545 | Privacy Policy